FORSAGE xGold ETH │ Over $8.68 million in one week

The launch of a new marketing program on the Ethereum blockchain yielded the members of the Global Decentralized FORSAGE Community over $8 million in a few days.

The xGold program on the Ethereum blockchain was launched on January 3, 2021. Previously, the program already worked on the TRON blockchain and, according to the authors of the FORSAGE idea, allowed to significantly increase the number of community members and their income. 

The first results of xGold on ETH confirm it. Within a week, 14,650 people joined the xGold program on the Ethereum blockchain. So far they earned more than 7,896 ETH. At the rate of ETH = $1,100, that’s more than $8.68 million.

That said, it’s worth noting that the launch of the program on Ethereum blockchain coincided with the rise in the price of ETH. The increased demand for the cryptocurrency during this period led to an upsurge of the load on the network, and hence an increase in commissions. This, of course, affected the number of participants who entered xGold ETH in the first days. Many preferred to wait for a decrease in the amount of commissions and postpone entering the program. The authors of the idea assume that in the coming days the number of participants of xGold will increase.

The xGold program is multilevel. Each level consists of cycles, and the number of cycles in each level is not limited. The participant can continue to invite new people over and over. xGold is also one of the most popular marketing programs in FORSAGE due to the fact that it gives a lot of spillovers and provides a high level of interaction within the team. Automatic repeat is also provided, which eliminates the possibility of being bypassed by competitors at the right moment. This means that as soon as the last payout arrives, a new slot is activated right away.

xGold marketing has been very profitable on the TRON blockchain as well, but on ETH the returns promise to be even higher due to a much larger number of users in the Ethereum community. FORSAGE users confirm that this is one of the most promising earning opportunities at the current time. Now the main thing is to choose the right strategy.


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