So far, 2021 has been an epic year for blockchain and digital assets. The first quarter of the year has gone by, we have been seeing great strides in global blockchain and digital assets space. With traditional institutions like PayPal, Tesla, Visa, Greyscale, MicroStrategy and renowned investment banks stepping in, BTC, DeFi and NFT have continued to gain attention and support from the mainstream society.

On April 15th, 「Paradigm Shift-Global Disruptors Summit」hosted by Star Consulting and BlockGlobe are bringing together world-class disruptors and influencers in the fields of financial technology, regulation and compliance, blockchain, and digital assets, NFT and Privacy Computing, Web 3.0, etc., to take the pulse of blockchain development trends, share predictions and insights for market.

“DISRUPTORS SUMMIT” is a global influence conference brand launched by Star Consulting and BlockGlobe. It aims to provide a high-quality display, sharing and communication platform for countless “disruptors” in this magnificent era, paying tribute to the spirit of disruptors and promotes exchanges and cooperation between the East and the West in the blockchain world.

Website: https://disruptorssummit.com/

Paradigm Shift is a key trend of our time. “A new investment paradigm driven by debt monetization was coming, and the global economy was going to experience a paradigm shift, ”states Bridgewater Associates chairman Ray Dalio in his article named Paradigm Shifts In 2019.

Now we are witnessing a new paradigm shift happening in the global blockchain space. In Feb. 2021, St. Louis Fed published a report, in which the author stated if DeFi’s potential problems are solved, it is likely to result in a paradigm shift in finance and help to build more sound, open and transparent financial infrastructure. NFT is another burning space that is developing in full swing. On Mar. 12th , Beeple’s Everydays-The First 5000 Days was auctioned off in an unprecedented $69.34 million sale at Christie’s, Crypto art is switching on a brand new art paradigm.

During the paradigm shift that is unfolding at this very moment, what evolutions are taking place in sectors like finance, art, gaming, etc.? Where are the new business opportunities? What are the risks to be aware of? These questions are all to be discussed at the upcoming 「Paradigm Shift-Global Disruptors Summit」.

James Early, CEO of Stansberry China said “Nobody wants to feel irrelevant, but the fact is, many of us in traditional finance are — or are about to be. What automation did to the assembly line worker, decentralized finance will do to the banker and the exchange — at least if its proponents are right. Are they? DeFi has its dark side, too: software bugs, Ponzi scheme accusations, and uncertain regulations. Who will win and who will lose as DeFi collides with traditional finance? We’re about to find out.”

Miko Matsumura, Gumi Ventures General Partner and blockchain investor shared in a note that“Open Source financial infrastructure will make the world more consensual, fair, just, inclusive, transparent & innovative.”

With regard to core value of NFT, Colin Platt, Advisor & Business Development of Unifty said, “The pace of innovation in the crypto space over the last decade has been astounding, NFTs bring in fresh new ideas from creators in the world of arts, gaming, music and much more. I believe that NFTs are the first crypto assets that will truly capture the imagination of a global mainstream digital audience and enable a disruptive change to the way that content creators and consumers interact in ways that have been difficult to achieve before.”

Moreover, in an increasingly digitized world, online user privacy is still a painpoint. “Every application in the world – whether built on a blockchain or not – requires data privacy to keep users safe and make sure the application is secure. Solving privacy for blockchains will help ensure and accelerate the growth of DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and more,”said Tor Bair, Founder of Secret Foundation.

Conference Speakers:

  • l Stani Kulechov, Founder of Aave
  • l James Early, CEO of Stansberry China
  • l David LEE Kuo Chuen, Professor of Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • l Richard Wang, Partner at DraperDragon Fund, Venture Capitalist
  • l Omer Ozden, CEO of RockTree Capital
  • l Miko Matsumura, Gumi Ventures General Partner
  • l Eric Wade, Editor of Crypto Capital of Stansberry Research
  • l Cao Yin, Founding Partner of Digital Renaissance Foundation
  • l Alexander Lebedev, Founder of InDeFi SmartBank
  • l Dr Jane Thomason, Frontier Technology for Social Impact Thought Leader
  • l Frank Fu, CEO of Math Global Foundation, serial entrepreneur
  • l James Qu, PlatON CTO
  • l Dora, OKEx BlockDream Ventures Founder
  • l Tor Bair, Founder of Secret Foundation
  • l Mindao Yang, Founder of dForce
  • l Suji Yan, Founder & CEO of Mask Network
  • l Colin Platt, Advisor & Business Development of Unifty
  • l Victor, WePiggy Co-Founder
  • l Ekaterina Tarasova, Co-founder of Idolme.agency, editor in chief of Futuretime.ai media
  • l Li Zi, Former Research Fellow (Digital Design) of National Univesrity of Singapore & Guest Critic of MIT School of Architecture and Planning
  • l Jenny Yang, Founder of BlockGlobe&Star Consulting
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