Digital agency plans to tell Blockchain Wave participants about a new generation of staking structures

The digital advertising agency team will participate in the international conference Blockchain Wave in Antalya and will share the latest trends in the staking field.

Staking as a new business model for active interaction among cryptocurrencies market participants gains growing attention from both major and retail investors. The interest in staking is fueled by such factors as the opportunities to get profitability with minimum investments in processing power and lack of need for the deep understanding of cryptocurrencies trading or technical specifications of mining. The experts at the digit agency will reveal the benefits and risks of staking and will share information on a new generation of staking structures that are intended to break all current barriers in this field.

“Years of active work in the blockchain field allowed our team to gain rich experience and understanding of a set of business models. Staking is surrounded by the aureole of stereotypes and myths that need to be demystified. Not all projects that allow getting coins with staking are worth considering as opportunities of getting a passive income. Truly profitable and thought-through economic models are a few. One of the projects that presented the market with a new format of staking and deserves the attention of a massive range of investors is the blockchain ecosystem UMI”, – emphasizes the founder Andrei Kornilov.

UMI is a blockchain ecosystem for instant, secure and free financial transfers, for new generation staking and for creating smart contacts of any level of complexity. By presenting the profitable economic model, UMI encourages ecosystem members to participate in staking, and therefore, develop a platform further. is one the leading advertising agencies in Russia that focuses on marketing and promotion of projects in the IT and blockchain fields, on organizing internal processes for driving sales, creating development scenarios and reputation management.

The Blockchain Wave conference will be held on April, 8 in Turkey on the Mediterranean coast. The conference is organized in a unique lounge format. Speakers from all over the world will share their ideas in an informal setting, while conference participants will be given an opportunity to find new partners during the exhibition and hold negotiations in private lounges.

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