AMA Session with Credefi Executive Team

We invite you to participate in the AMA Session with Credefi executive team, wich will take place on Saturday 24th of April!

Credefi is a project that aims to create a decentralized platform, which solves both conventional finance and DeFi real world problems. The project serves as somewhat of a bridge between the world of DeFi and that of traditional finance, taking the best of both and combining it in one incredibly convenient and user friendly product!

Credefi was designed in a way, where each participant can lend and borrow money on a decentralized platform, where the contracted interest is determined by his own individual risk appetite. Users will have the ability to not only take out and provide loans, but also invest in credit portfolios, increasing their potential earnings!

To learn more, join our AMA session and get to know our founders!

Click the link and ask away:

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