Minto: A token secured by actively operating Bitcoin mining equipment

Minto is a decentralized mining platform that creates a token secured by actively operating Bitcoin mining equipment. This equipment is tokenized by the BTCMT token, each of which equals a unit of actively operating Bitcoin mining power. Holding the token is effectively equivalent to owning Bitcoin mining power. Therefore, its fair market value can be determined using the DCF method. The BTCMT token is based on the HECO blockchain and the Minto project is part of the Huobi chain ecosystem.

Minto’s token is backed by a state-of-the-art data center located in Karelia, which houses the Project’s mining operation. The 86,000-square-meter data center is just 2 years old and has been fitted with the most powerful mining equipment available. Power for the mining equipment is supplied via a private hydroelectric plant with a current cap of 64.5 MW, which ensures that the facility always has more than enough available power

Currently, Minto is housed in one data center but others are being built to accommodate the future growth of the Project. Total mining power allocated to Minto for now is 50,000 TH/s and we have the ability to increase it in the future, since it’s only part of the whole data center’s mining power. The Project will be launched on the Huobi pool. Other partners for the mining operation include F2pool, Binance, and Slush. The availability of current mining power is verified by our partners. 

Token Sale Start Date: 30.07.2021

Homepage URL: 

Whitepaper URL: 

Accepted Currencies: BTC, USDT, ETH, HT  

Blockchain Platform: HECO

Token Standard: ERC-20

Total Tokens Supply: 5 000 000

Token for sale: 4 500 000

Coin Symbol: BTCMT

Initial Price for Investors: $1,72

Project Country: International


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