What does blockchain platform Relictum PRO offer its users?

Today we’ll talk about what Relictum PRO, a latest generation blockchain platform, looks like from the inside, and who the audience for its products is. We will talk about this with the CTO of the Relictum PRO project, Alexander Strigin, and Nikolai Osipenko, Relictum PRO CMO, and Relictum StartUp Laboratory CEO, Ilnur Rakhmetov. Let’s go!

So, please tell us about Relictum’s current competition on the market. 

Nikolai: “I think there is a similar project out there, and that is Solana. That one has a similar consensus architecture, a relatively high speed of transactions that cost a little above zero, but in the bigger picture, every product is unique in its own way. Relictum boasts a high throughput, a wide range of features and flexibility. Besides, thanks to a number of ingenious technical solutions, we managed to avoid problems typical of other systems: collisions, 51% attack vulnerabilities, etc.”

The DeFi trend continues full steam ahead. How does Relictum respond to the market?

Nikolai: “In the near future we plan to implement two more products in our ecosystem, such as automated market maker (АММ) and an NFT marketplace. We have also developed our own unique NFT protocol that will allow users in our ecosystem to create their own NFTs in just 7 clicks! Naturally, AMM will allow anyone to become a liquidity provider, which is another source of income for every participant of the platform.”

Do you plan on publishing the code on GitHub, and when?

Ilnur: “As a matter of fact, we do plan to publish our code on Github, and we are moving towards this goal already. We have so far published an API and SDK for our systems. The entirety of our blockchain’s code will be published after a full audit.”

What products do you plan to release in the near future?

Ilnur: “Our NFT marketplace is just around the corner. At this point in time, a new NFT format is almost ready and is going through final stages of testing. Our next products will be Relictum DEX (decentralized exchange) and Relictum SWAP (exchanger). “

What is ahead for Relictum in the future?

Alexander: “From the very beginning, we have set a clear goal for ourselves: to make our platform as simple, understandable and useful for as wide of a range of users as possible. We have already built a solid foundation: the platform itself. In addition, we have already implemented such products as a secret chat, a decentralized exchange, a decentralized data storage, games, etc. We will continue moving forward in a similar fashion. We will work on expanding the list of features, and introducing new products into the system.”

What do you think the future holds for Relictum?

Ilnur: “Until the end of this year we are running the token sale for Relictum Genesis tokens. The sale will end on December 31st and we will begin the listing process. For the entirety of next year we will delight you with new exchanges and new products of our own. Therefore, the future of Relictum is a bright one.”

Relictum is an active participant in crypto events. What are your plans for the near future in that regard?

Ilnur: “Over the past few months, we have participated in a number of major events. Among them were an exhibition in Kazan (Kazan Digital Week 2021), and two events in Moscow: Blockchain Life 2021 and the Blockchain & Bitcoin 2021 conference. In the near future we plan to hold an event in Dubai, act as exhibitors and speakers at the famous Expo 2020. That will be on November 14th and 15th. We also want to organize a grand opening of our new product, NFT Marketplace Premium, and we plan to do it in an art gallery in Moscow, surrounded by famous artists and painters.”

We thank Relictum PRO for telling us about their blockchain. We wish them the best of luck, and hope they achieve every goal they have set for themselves soon.

You can have a look at the tech behind the project and install the Relictum Node app at the following link: https://relictum.pro

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