One Of The Most Promising 2nd Generation DeFi Projects BaksDAO Launches Private Sale

Experienced investors know that one of the most effective ways to earn on the crypto market is investments in projects in early stages. This opportunity is provided today by the founders of the second generation DeFi platform BaksDAO.

In the run-up to IDO, developers are open to deals with venture funds. Bakers, advisers, and fund representatives can reach the platform team via email:

What is BaksDAO

BaksDAO is a developer of a multifunctional second generation DeFi platform Baksdao.Finance that allows taking crypto-secured loans and get passive income with up to 15% annual profits via deposits in digital assets.

In their operations, projects representatives are governed with five foundational platform development principles:

  1. Economic feasibility;
  2. Sustainable development;
  3. Availability of funds;
  4. Decentralisation;
  5. Safety and guarantees.

The project works on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain that guarantees high transactional speed and low fees. In the future, to broaden the audience, developers plan the integration with Ethereum, Optimism, and Polygon.

The BaksDAO platform screen

The platform was launched on November 27, 2022. Despite the recency of the launch, BaksDAO has already attracted the attention of many crypto community members, investors, as well as market participants that seek beneficial terms for loans and effective instruments for passive income organisation.

Important! The BaksDAO project is safe. At the beginning of January 2022, the platform successfully passed the Solid Proof audit. Also, developers continuously carry out a bounty program for white hackers that can receive rewards for finding potential vulnerabilities. This set of measures reduce platform risks to a minimum.

The platform is fully decentralised. The project’s automation is governed by the Chainlink oracle system and smart contracts.

The governance over BaksDAO is in the hands of users – the holders of a native project’s token BDV. Developers plan to sell on the market 18% of a general coin emission (2 billion tokens half of which will be burnt). 25% BDV tokens will be distributed among team members, 4% – among advisors. The rest will be distributed in the following way:

  • 21% – project development fund.
  • 12% – liquidity reserve.
  • 10% – rewards for stakers and traders.
  • 10% – stimulating rewards within the project’s ecosystem.

Also, when BaksDAO will break even, developers plan to use profits partly to buy out native tokens for future burnouts. Following this scheme will allow the team to support the coin price by decreasing BDV supply.

The platform has its own algorithmic stablecoin BAKS, the exchange rate of which is pegged 1:1 to the US dollar.

What is unique about BaksDAO

BaksDAO is a multi-platform with a variety of services available for users. The availability of all instruments at one platform speeds up processes and allows saving on operational expenses.

Here are other BaksDAO distinctive features:

Simple interface. The developers simplified entrance to DeFi to the level that is accessible also to newbies that have never heard anything about cryptocurrencies.

Support system and academy. The guide that the team has developed will allow just a few clicks to get to know BaksDAO opportunities and use the platform’s instruments. Apart from that, the platform’s academy will allow users to get knowledge for effective work in the digital assets market.

A possibility to withdraw funds with interests at any time. In contrast with many other platforms, on BaksDAO one does not need to wait a minute to get access to their funds. This approach allows retaining full control over the assets without losing in the profitability potential.

Instant accrual of profits. The interest is transferred to the account every 3 seconds.

Open date loans with no limits. The flexibility of terms allows users to adjust the process according to the needs. Also, developers emphasise that it is possible to pay down debt in parts.

A possibility to take NFT-backed loans. The BaksDAO functionality broadens the use cases for non-fungible tokens.

Special conditions for holders of the native tokens BaksDAO BDV. For example, cryptocurrency owners can take loans with 3% annually and place deposits with 20% annual profit.

An effective schema for social promotion. A part of BaksDAO profits will be invested in eco initiatives including tree planting. This approach adds social impact to the project’s distinctive features.

Also, BaksDAO offers instruments for crowdfunding for startups. The developers plan to develop the project via integration with the metaverse market and gaming industry.

The BaksDAO private sale

In the middle of April 2022, BaksDAO launches the private sale of the project’s native tokens – BaksDAO Voice (BDV).

The developers assigned only 8% (160 million coins) out of BDV total emission for early investors. It means that only the first buyers will be able to stock up on coins at the best price. It is a unique opportunity to get high-potential coins among the first and earn as much as possible on the project’s further development.

Do not forget that developers provide BDV token holders with special terms. For example, they are given the best percentages for deposits. That is why purchasing BDV in early stages allows one to earn on BaksDAO with minimum investments.

To stock up on cryptocurrency, put your name on the waiting list.

Do not miss an opportunity to get your BDV at the best price and start earning with BaksDAO!

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