GMT Trading review – Changing traders’ perspective on CFDs

GMT Trading Introduction

For an inexperienced individual, the latest developments in the financial markets might seem like a complete mess. After all, valuations have tumbled significantly when analyzing stocks, crypto, and other major asset classes, but although bears seem in control of the order flow, some derivatives allow you to take advantage of downside movements as well.

GMT Trading is a CFD brokerage offering access to a wide range of instruments, including FX and crypto among others. It operates internationally and accepts clients from all over the world (where CFD trading is not prohibited). If you are looking for a new trading partner, then maybe this broker is the right one for you. Let’s take a glance at what GMT Trading is capable of.

Trade CFDs with a powerful platform

This is not a time for experiments, so make sure you choose a platform with a long track record when you start trading. GMT Trading continues to rely on MetaTrader 4, a solution still used by millions of traders globally, even today.

On any device you operate, MT4 can serve as a tool for technical analysis, accurate order placement, and risk management. Even though new platform solutions have entered the market in the past few years, this one remains very popular. Regular upgrades keep MT4 in line with all the latest changes in the market.

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Select from 6 accounts

If you want to open a trading account with GMT Trading, there are a few benefits that you should keep in mind, including a wide and diverse choice when it comes to your trading account type. The broker currently has a list of 6 accounts for traders to choose from.

It’s good to know that even an account such as the Basic one has some interesting specs. You as a trader benefit from access to the trading academy, daily market news, up to 1:200 leverage, and portfolio progress reports. All of these are offered in exchange for a minimum initial deposit of $250.

Some traders desire more features, and they are willing to allocate more capital for that cause. For them, GMT Trading provides the additional 5 accounts (Standard, Silver, Gold, VIP, and PRO). All accounts are subject to the verification process, which means that providing identification documents is a must.

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Contact GMT Trading

GMT Trading engages with customers, as well as potential customers, via different channels. You can contact one of their representatives through the support email address, UK and Canada phone numbers, and the WhatsApp widget. Transparency is a core value for the broker, which is why it stands by its clients’ side when they make important decisions.

Final thoughts

Based on the information available regarding GMT Trading, this seems to be an inclusive trading brand, working on customers’ behalf. Trading is facilitated for everyone and the benefits offered look good.

Most of the features are linked to trading education, market news, and personalized assistance, which is good news for people who are still in their early stages as traders. In this industry, education is a continuous process and GMT Trading has valuable resources to offer.

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