Distributed Web3 Democracy in Action. Fundraising Launched for Actocracy!

Actocracy, a web3 game of land ownership, politics, communities and cultures, has announced the launch of Seed Round as part of a new round of funding for its project.

Pre-Seed, Seed, and subsequent investment rounds operate under the SAFT system, a form of fundraising, intended for digital-currency startups and directed by accredited investors. SAFTs contain TGE date, prices and vesting conditions for each round respectively. Read the project documents under the Token Release Schedule section for detailed vesting conditions. The current round Raise is $296,599.

The main feature of Actocracy as a project is that players get a real reBorn offer — to create a rich digital identity to participate in virtual reality life, closely intertwined with the actual environment they live in. A web3 Soul, like a real person, has feelings, memories and achievements imprinted to its personality, and what is more important, it has the power to affect its surroundings! The act2impact set of game mechanics implement mechanisms for distributed horizontal democratic (actocratic) governance and decision-making via elections, referendums, game-fi and social-fi campaigns. The most tempting thing is that there are no fees, upfront payments or previous experience of web3 required to begin the journey, while existing online and offline communities are welcome to monetize their audience with the help of checkin2earn game mechanics.

Actocracy is powered by assets with real-world utilities. NFT Lands of Actocracy act as a global network of sovereign States with their own economic, social and political life — fully governed by its population of residents, citizens, and regularly elected Government. In other words, the project creates a space where self-governed decentralized communities interact directly affecting the real world around them.

The whole actocratic experience is powered by the $DIMP token.

Actocracy citizens accumulate and co-distribute $DIMP from Lands’ Treasuries to directly impact on the most pressing local social and environmental issues. $DIMP is used for minting, trading and upgrading various types of NFT assets, to crowdfund the brightest initiatives, to run social events, campaigns and many more.

Players earn $DIMP from monetizing their geo-related content, as the revenue share from owning NFT Lands or participating in Impact Farming programs. Actocracy residents create parties, clubs, and clans to earn $DIMP in reward for collectively completing geo-related quests, participating in tournaments, spreading cultures.

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