Universum: city blocks in the metaverse that generate income for the owner

The Play-to-Earn (P2E) segment started actively developing a couple of years ago against the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis when many people lost their traditional jobs and were forced to seek alternative ways of earning money. The opportunity to earn money by completing gaming missions or breeding digital pets sounded unrealistic but highly appealing, and the GameFi market didn’t disappoint its followers! Over the past years, projects in this field have become the most popular in the crypto market, and their participants have earned multimillion-dollar profits.

The prize of 1 ETH for completing a game mission

The GameFi sector continues to thrive today, with metaverses being its trendiest direction. Just consider the buzz around Decentraland, where parcels of land are worth tens of thousands of dollars. But what if you want to earn while playing and don’t have the funds for NFT assets from established projects? The answer is simple: choose promising newcomers, one of which we’ll explore today.

We’re talking about a game that offers each player the opportunity to build and develop their unique city. Here, you own city blocks that collectively form a city, which can be expanded and improved, thereby increasing your income generated by digital real estate. Yes, each city block here is an NFT that rewards its owner with cryptocurrency through staking. Moreover, by completing the first gaming mission, you can acquire an NFT land plot on a new planet within the metaverse, valued at 1 ETH. This is the functionality offered to players by the Universum metaverse.

Economic Blockchain Strategy

Universum is a grand strategic game built on the Ethereum blockchain, aimed at becoming one of the most captivating economic strategies on the blockchain. At the moment, the project is in its early stage. 3D models of buildings have already been developed and rendered, many of which are animated. NFTs of city blocks have been generated, and smart contracts have been written and tested, including smart contracts for the first gaming mission and DAO voting. In other words, the functionality of the first phase of the game is fully prepared. The second phase will be ready by the time players complete the first mission – the game’s creators want to give the community the opportunity to participate in discussions and voting regarding the choice of storyline for future gaming events.

The team states that their main goal is to create an engaging gameplay of a new level, alternating between captivating quests, missions, and adventures that will provide not only vivid emotions but also earning opportunities.

10,000 City Blocks

In Universum, users have access to 10,000 city blocks, and anyone who owns at least one city block is in the game!

Each city block contains a set of buildings of different rarity levels. Some of them are found on every plot, while others are very rare. For instance, Apartment buildings, Pharmacies, and Supermarkets are present in all city blocks with a rarity of 100, whereas the Astronaut training center or Nuclear power station can be found only in 5% of city blocks. Naturally, the rarer the building (and the city block it’s in), the more valuable it is. In Universum, players can develop their cities and complete gaming missions, earning prize-winning NFTs. To make your city block profitable, the NFT must be staked, not just stored in your wallet. In this case, you’ll receive $UM tokens every day.

$UM is an ERC-20 token, the internal currency of Universum. The coin is passively generated as a reward for users staking city blocks. This means that each of your NFTs will bring you income every day: the larger your city, the more NFTs staked – the higher your earnings! Users can spend tokens on developing their cities to complete gaming missions or exchange them for ETH and withdraw to their wallet. It’s important to remember that despite the daily generation of $UM, all tokens spent in the game (on purchasing certain city objects, for instance) will be burned. This will help preserve $UM as a scarce resource, which, in turn, will maintain its value and worth.

GameFi Space: Projects of the Future

Universum promises users not only the opportunity to earn while having a great time but also a unique status. Here, you can become the mayor of a small town or build a massive metropolis while also influencing the project’s development and participating in its improvement, as the project utilizes DAO mechanisms.

Blockchain and digitization bring us new values and opportunities every day. Just five years ago, the concept of “digital real estate” didn’t exist in the economy, but today, you can earn from it and display your social status through owning a city plot in the metaverse. In just a couple of years, the market turnover in this field has reached billions of dollars, and earning through games has become a common phenomenon. The influx of new people into the sphere continues constantly with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and word of mouth. Now, you have the opportunity to join a promising project at its earliest stages.

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