Pro-XRP lawyer confident he can win senate bid, sets $1M campaign goal

Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton has claimed he is ready to take on cryptocurrency critic Senator Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts Senate race, urging his large crypto-friendly social media following to financially back his campaign.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Deaton told his 324,100 followers that he invested $500,000 of his own money into the senate campaign. He further shared that he is optimistic he can challenge Warren, even though she’s held the position in Massachusetts for 11 years.

“I can win, some people mistakenly believe that Elizabeth Warren cannot be beaten in Massachusetts and it’s simply not true.”

The election is scheduled for September 3. Although Deaton has contributed 50% of the campaign funds, he has called on his followers to help raise an additional $500,000, which can be donated in either cash or crypto.

“You must believe in yourself, if I could self-fund I would, because freedom is on the line. I need your help. I’m trying to raise $1 million by the end of the quarter,” Deaton stated.

On March 4, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson told his followers that he has donated to Deaton’s campaign as the country needs people “willing to take on the establishment against banks writing our laws and destroying the Crypto industry.”

Deaton officially launched his run for a United States Senate seat in Massachusetts.

In a video released from his X account on Feb. 20, Deaton said his campaign would be focused on “taking on the Washington elites,” claiming that Senator Elizabeth Warren “gets nothing done” for Massachusetts.

While Deaton is keeping the conversation of crypto out of his campaign, it is no secret that there is tension between Deaton, and government officials who are also crypto critics, such as Warren.

In December 2023, Warren alleged that there was a revolving door between the crypto industry and Washington, DC insiders suggesting that many government officials could be laying the groundwork while in public service to “audition” for digital asset lobbying positions.

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