Coingabbar’s Top Token Picks to Watch

Journalists from Coingabbar, one of the largest crypto publications in Southeast Asia, have compiled their TOP coins they believe deserve special attention in 2024. Experts evaluated the tokens’ dynamics over the first five months of 2024, their market capitalization, daily trading volume, and number of holders. They also considered factors such as the project team and their experience, the practical utility of the token, investor involvement, community activity, and exchange presence.

Admit it, which of these coins are already in your portfolio?

Notcoin (NOT)

A project that took Telegram by storm. Notcoin is a gaming Web3 project launched within the TON ecosystem. Technically, Notcoin is an app within the messenger where users can mine tokens by tapping on their smartphone screens. The game’s audience has surpassed 35 million people in a few months, and today NOT became the first token on the TON blockchain to be listed on major crypto exchanges. The hype around the coin is subsiding, but the Notcoin ecosystem is actively developing, meaning the token has significant growth potential.


The token of the decentralized exchange for perpetual swaps and spot trading. Here, traders can freely trade cryptocurrency on-chain by simply connecting their wallets. This platform is rapidly gaining popularity, so the native token GMX has every chance to multiply in value. GMX acts as a utility token, governance token, and is used for accumulating funds within the GMX protocol. The higher the exchange’s popularity, the higher the demand for the token.

iMe Lab (LIME)

Another project connecting cryptocurrencies and Telegram. The iMe app allows users to send cryptocurrency in a few clicks, making transactions very fast and simple. The iMe messenger interacts with Uniswap, BNB Chain, Ethereum, PancakeSwap, and Polygon. Today, LIME is traded on 15 exchanges, and the messenger’s audience is constantly growing, indicating the project’s increasing popularity.

Arbitrum (ARB)

Currently one of the most sought-after protocols for enhancing the scalability of the Ethereum blockchain network. It allows for the deployment of smart contracts and works with Web3 while relying on the security of the base network combined with increased transaction speed. ARB is the native token of the project, primarily used for decentralized governance. Given the growing popularity of the Arbitrum network, the token’s price is likely to rise.

Open Campus (EDU)

An interesting solution addressing the constant rise in popularity of online remote education worldwide. As you might guess, the token is designed for teachers and students to make educational processes and tutoring more accessible and convenient. Open Campus facilitates interaction among all community members, promoting sustainable ecosystem development: teachers creating educational materials can receive fair compensation, students can enhance the quality of the content they use, and parents can maintain oversight.

FRGX Finance (FRGX)

FRGX is an open-source utility token backed by an experienced team that has already executed multiple crypto projects. With a five-digit number of holders, solid trading volume, exchange listings, and influencer attention, FRGX is well-positioned for success. The coin is used in popular GameFi projects and promising services like Meo World and CLIX GAME. Issued on BSC, FRGX is already in the TOP 50 projects on the Binance Smart Chain, highlighting its potential.

The market today is full of interesting and promising projects that undoubtedly deserve your attention. Among the thousands of cryptocurrencies available, selecting the right investment can be challenging, but by focusing on factors such as a developed community, experienced team, solid idea, quality documentation, and market behavior, you can identify coins that meet your expectations. These criteria formed the basis for the ranking you just read.

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