Battle Bulls: Telegram to Welcome an All-New Clicker Game with Airdrop in August

The cryptocurrency market is gripped by a fever of tapping games. Players are fascinated by games that are accessible to any user and do not require special knowledge, only the time they take to complete quests. But some may feel that they are too late to start tapping, as such clickers like Notcoin and Hamster Kombat have already amassed dozens of millions of users.

Launched as a Telegram mini-app in January, Notcoin became a sensation in the gaming community and has quickly grown to attract more than 35 million players with 6.5 million daily active users. Hamster Kombat became the next big thing with achieving a user base of over 150 million subscribers.

However, there’s still an opportunity to enter the race and be the first to join another viral game entitled Battle Games.

Battle Games is a Telegram-based gaming mini-app. Unlike its predecessors, Battle Games is not just a clicker. It combines the best mechanics of tapping with battle games. Users may grab as many rewards as they can by competing with each other and tapping is an essential way to make their gaming character stronger and more competitive. The viral nature of Telegram-based clickers comes fueled by the potential of battle games with their engaging gameplay, rich strategy, and vibrant communities.

In fact, Battle Games is not just a one game but rather a family of entertaining mobile games within one Telegram-based mini-app. Battle Bulls will be the first game to be offered for users after the launch of Battle Games. According to the game’s narrative, a user builds a virtual blockchain business and earns in-game coins, which can then be converted into tokens of the game called BULL SPLIT and withdrawn to third-party wallets and exchanges.

According to the Battle Bulls’ gameplay, every player is granted a bull character, and its power capacity can be boosted by tapping. With such furious gaming characters, users arrange battles with other gamers and the winner takes the bulk of rewards. The more boosted the bull is, the higher the level of its power and the more rewards its holder receives. Thus, tapping is just a way the player makes his bull stronger in order to receive more rewards for victories in the gaming arena.

Each player is assigned a certain level depending on his involvement in the game. The more time a player spends inside the game, the more often he wins, the faster he approaches the highest level called Grandmaster. Thus, in addition to pumping up the game character and winning battles with other bulls, a player constantly strives to increase his Earn per hour balance. It is the indicator that is essential for achieving the level of Grandmaster. With this level, a user will receive more tapping tickets resulting in a more powerful bull and gain more victories.

In August, Battle Bulls will hold an airdrop and distribute BULL SPLIT tokens to users. In November, the team plans to list tokens on one of the Tier1 crypto exchanges. After the airdrop and listing on the exchange, received rewards can be exchanged for BULL SPLIT and then sold on a crypto exchange or used to receive daily rewards.

The community-driven nature of clickers has already pushed them to the top of the major cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Just in a month after listing, NOT reached $1,4 billion of market cap. One can only guess what heights a game token with a more exciting gameplay can achieve.

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