Game of Crypto-Thrones

While Game of Thrones fans are counting down the days until the final battle, we’ve decided to imagine the crypto market in the GoT universe. Here is what came out of it.

State governments and other regulatory agencies – House Lannister

Would eagerly take control of absolutely everything, but so far it’s not quite working out. Not the type to back down either. Stubbornly trying to regulate more and more areas, they claim people user security is the key motivation behind their actions, saying that crypto regulation lays far outside of their interests since they have plenty of other matters to be taking care of (the Lannisters also frequently claim they neither need or care for King’s Landing and they are content with Casterly Rock, and all they are doing is for the benefit of the people)…

The people users believe. Or pretend to be doing so. They gather into small and large groups to air their grievances, but ultimately, having discussed them, disperse. However, since the Lannisters have such valuable assets as Qyburn, a necromancer, and the Mountain, a towering brutal warrior, such gatherings are not a concern to anyone.

Authorities and regulators are in a constant power struggle between each other, trying to make their way into the very top of their hierarchy, however, when faced with a common enemy (think industry that is not yet regulated to the grown) they quickly rally up. Most of House Lannister members are there illegitimately in some way, but it’s almost impossible to drive them away from the Iron Throne.

SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) – House Stark

The SEC representatives would surely prefer to be Daenerys Targaryen, but they are frequently reminded that they are not directly relevant in the crypto industry, so they sigh and take on the role of House Stark.

They dream of controlling the crypto market the same way they control the US securities market – with an iron fist. Their motto, “Winter is coming”, is said with the intention to hurry the regulation of the market… They almost never scheme, but from time to time they try to speak to Lannisters as equals (bringing suggestions, expressing opinions). This gives the Lannisters a good laugh, while the Starks are walking back to Winterfell gritting their teeth.

Commonly seen as having great reputation – in the eyes of a layperson, that is, as once you get deeper into their values, rules and laws, it becomes apparent their worldview is incompatible with the digital age…

Crypto enthusiasts, analysts, experts – House Greyjoy

In their dreams they also wish to be the Daenerys Targaryen of the crypto world, while also realizing they would be out of their depth in the role, so they stick to the homely castle on the Iron Islands. “We do not sow”, nor do they reap, or do anything at all, for that matter. They are akin to marketing people who are always going on about how everybody will be living large or die in the gutter (underline as appropriate).

Lie. Incessantly and egregiously, just as the Grey King who, in addition to the islands, ruled the very seas (since he had taken a mermaid as his wife), all crypto enthusiasts claim to either be buddies with Buterin and Nakamoto, or have the insider scoop that is about to yield them millions which they are so conveniently ready to share for a modest donation of $10 to $30.

Information and advertisement platforms – Brotherhood Without Banners

These guys, just like anyone else, would be excited to hit it big in the industry just like Daenerys Targaryen, but for the most part (with a few exceptions) are only capable of showing off and quietly sobbing over the great times past when they could charge a few thousand dollars for publishing a shabby advertorial… Since these groups are so disparate, they can only cut it as the Brotherhood Without Banners.

Social media – House Tully

Seven bloody hells, who wouldn’t want to be Daenerys? Social media sure would. House Lannister is, perhaps, the only exception, they do just fine as they are. So House Tully is what social media most resembles. Proliferating and multiplying without much issue, they are nonetheless trying to influence the status quo, without much success. They generally play nice (although they do tend to scheme a great deal behind closed doors), but nothing they touch seems to work the way they want it to, despite their best intentions.

Facebook – Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)

In the most direct relation to House Tully (friend since childhood, was raised in Riverrun), but is different from the rest of the family. On a friendly footing with the Lannisters. Flips its stance as it sees fit – initially stood against crypto and even banned crypto-related advertisement, but later, as the true Master of Coin, realized that this venture smells like money and announced its own token! Naturally, the ban on crypto-related ads was never lifted… All for the sake of the people users, as they say. Everyone dealing with Baelish, for the sake of their own safety, must remember one thing: Baelish, above all other things, is concerned with himself alone.

Vitalik Buterin – Prince Oberyn

Dorne and its ruler seem quite positive amidst the rest of the leaders – they mind their own business and don’t participate in others’ squabbles. From time to time, however, the Red Viper of Dorne does turn his attention to the affairs around him, shakes his head saying “how did it come to this?”, but doesn’t act and keeps others from compromising their safety. After all, the consequences of getting his hands dirty in others’ affairs are far too apparent to him, thanks to his intellect. With that in mind, Dorne stance seems more than reasonable.

Satoshi Nakamoto – Daenerys Targaryen

The Mother of Bitcoin, Queen (King) of Andals and the First Crypto… Enough said: the creator of the first cryptocurrency, champion of all things good… Nobody has ever seen him, but he has their respect! The regular folk – digital currency users – are anxious for his return, hoping the saviour will free them from the tight grip of House Lannister. Whether or not he comes is unknown, so Lannisters are barely concerned about him. They have enough stuff to be taking care of!

ICO/STO/IEO investors – Khalasar

Investors are the army of Daenerys, left under the walls of an unconquered Meereen. They still remember how great it was in the beginning, but wondering, where are the promised dragons, nudity and liberated slaves now?

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