Presenting Relictum — a unique NFT protocol

The Relictum ecosystem has presented its proprietary NFT protocol at Kazan Digital Week.

Kazan Digital Week is an annual international forum where users and developers of products and services pivotal to the digital transformation convene to discuss scientific, technological and commercial issues. The forum is organised by the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan. Visionaries from the digital technology field, leading local and national businesses, digitalisation companies with innovative solutions, including the Relictum ecosystem, attended the event.

The Relictum ecosystem includes a whole range of decentralised tools built on Relictum Pro — a fifth-generation blockchain. It includes startup accelerator Relictum Lab, decentralised Relictum Storage, privacy-centred Relictum Chat and other transparent and secure services. NFTs have become a trend in blockchain technology and a new step in the development of the Relictum ecosystem.

From 21st to 24th September, Relictum representatives were telling their booth visitors and VIP attendees about the capabilities of Blockchain 5.0. They also did a grand reveal of the unique NFT protocol that is soon to become available.

Relictum took notes from the leading companies on the market when building its NFT protocol, making sure it is convenient for both users and content creators. The protocol will be deployed on the Relictum NFT marketplace that features its own Digital Art decentralised storage, free transactions within the network, bridges to other blockchains and a host of other useful things.

The Relictum NFT protocol has a lot of capabilities going for it:

  • Creating and processing art for tokenisation;
  • Tokenisation of high definition and large file size art;
  • Multiple co-authors and agents copyright;
  • Creating proprietary collections;
  • Copying unique tokens;
  • Ability to wrap NFTs from other blockchains and use them on Relictum Pro (free and instant transactions within the network, decentralised storage, etc.);
  • Token aging feature;
  • Permissionless unique protocol;
  • Higher security;
  • Feature-rich one-stop-shop platform;

And a lot more features that will soon be available to a wide audience.

Relictum NFT protocol provides a powerful tool for using non-fungible tokens, allowing to securely and conveniently tokenise art, architecture, Tweets, and even business agreements, in other words, whatever the author wants tokenised can be tokenised. The NFT industry is still at an early stage, so Relictum’s blockchain 5.0 will give it a huge boost in terms of convenience and scale.


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