DAO.vc launched a hodling program for token holders

Decentralized DAO venture ecosystem.vc has launched a bonus program for holders of the government token DAOvc. Now users can transfer their assets to special tokenized pools and are guaranteed to receive rewards up to 35% per annum.

“We have developed a program for the hodlers of DAOvc tokens, which allows you to receive bonuses up to 35% per year. It is enough for pool participants to store assets on the company’s smart contract, and rewards will be accrued automatically”” commented the founder and CEO of DAO.vc Georgy Galoyan.

Participants of the holding program can deposit tokens into one of three pools:

– a limited pool of 4 million tokens DAO.vc . The savings period is 12 months. The maximum yield is 35% per annum.

– a limited pool of 2 million tokens DAO.vc . The savings period is 6 months. The maximum yield is 30% per annum;

– limited pool for 1 million tokens DAO.vc . The saving period is 3 months. The maximum yield is 25% per annum;

To join the hodling program, participants only need to choose one of three pools and transfer tokens to a smart contract, where assets will be blocked for the duration of the pool. Participation rewards will be awarded automatically daily. In addition, participants can use the referral program and receive additional bonuses for attracted referrals.

Also, on October 15, the DAOvc token will be available for trading on the BitMart cryptocurrency exchange.



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