NFT breaks into the world of high fashion

In 2021, NFT tokens made a splash, evolving from a geek toy to a serious asset class. In the spring, collectors took an interest in digital art and tokens issued by celebrities. In the summer, the trend was the collection of NFT characters (monkeys, punks, seals, cats, and even stones). The cost of each image depended on its rarity, which could be influenced by the color of the suit, hairstyle, background, and so on. Now NFT technology has reached the fashion industry and the world of high fashion.

Usually, NFT technology is spoken of as a way to digitize some real object or work of art, but a project has already appeared in the fashion industry that has gone the opposite way. How about making NFT Real? Why not? Fashion Metaverse is a project of collectible NFT tokens, which are fashionable jackets, as if made using the patchwork technique: parts of the jacket are randomly selected, their color and texture depend on uniqueness. One NFT – One Jacket! The trick is that this NFT can be exchanged for a real jacket that you can touch and put on.

How does this work? Fashion Metaverse is, in a way, both a lottery and NFT tokens that are already familiar to the user. When buying a token, the user won’t see what exactly he is buying. Instead, he will be getting a fancy box that will open only after the project is released on the Public Sale. One box – one jacket, consisted of parts of different rarity. As conceived by the authors, the color of the material will correspond to the rarity of the token:

  • black – regular;
  • lavender and blue – unusual;
  • red and blue – rare;
  • orange – mythical.

Basically, the user simply does not know what item and what color of the item will be in his box, this is determined only by randomness. There is a hidden surprise in 250 super-rare NFTs: an additional stylish item hidden in the jacket awaits their owners, but the creators are still not disclosing what this will be!

By the way, thanks to the variety of colors and textures, it becomes possible to create many individual pieces of clothing. It’s cool that things will look stylish and meet today’s fashion trends. Also, it will be impossible to meet two identical jackets – as a result of the “lottery”, each jacket will be unique.

The first Fashion Metaverse project will be a collection released in conjunction with the LIAISON-STUDIOS brand. Whitelists will start opening in January, and the project’s Public Sale will start in February. For those who are impatient, the project launched Giveaway, within which you can win one of 10 NFT tokens (what type of jacket will be in the box for the winners – it will be clear only at the Public Sale).

The collaboration between Fashion Metaverse and LIAISON-STUDIOS is also unique because the items of clothing will exist both in the real world and in the digital metaverse. NFT clothes can also be dressed on your avatar. Starting in January 2022, Fashion Metaverse will regularly add new wardrobe items to the collection, and in the second quarter, it will be possible to show off acquired NFTs, superimposing them on your own photos thanks to innovative technologies.

The creation of such a fashionable metaverse is 100% in line with the trends of the modern market. The fascinating concept of the metaverse has already turned the heads of the crypto industry dealers, who have begun to actively create metauniverses for the games and VR projects. Facebook has played a significant role in promoting this segment, which recently officially changed its name to Meta, intending to develop its own metaverse in the future. Such projects have long ceased to be a simple hobby, now they have an impact on the model of human behavior and economic processes in society.

Fashion Metaverse plans to implement its project in the thin line of the real and virtual worlds. And, of course, the project will not be limited to cooperation with one brand – it plans to collaborate with other brands and actively develop in 2022.


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