Web3 Practitioners Set to Convene at XFounders Bootcamp in Antalya

The countdown is on for the commencement of the XFounders Bootcamp in Antalya. Engage in the online/offline practice-based educational program and immerse yourself in four weeks of close interaction with seasoned experts from Mastercard, AWS, and Polygon, ICP, dYdX, Ton, and various other companies. These experts will address the inquiries of Web3 builders.

At the core of XFounders lies the unique XFounders Bootcamp, an offline event scheduled from September 1 to October 2, 2023, in Antalya, Turkey.

XFounders Bootcamp features:

  • A collective of participants united by the aspiration to emerge as successful Web3 product developers.
  • Over 30 seasoned practitioner experts, including representatives from Mastercard, Amazon Web Services, Polygon, Microsoft, Ton, Gate.io, dYdX, ICP, Tron, and more, delivering insights into their areas of expertise.
  • A Demo Day featuring VC experts and representatives.
  • A rigorous educational regimen comprising lectures, workshops, and the exchange of invaluable knowledge.

Why Attend XFounders Bootcamp?

  • Learn the art of crafting sustainable business models for long-term product development.
  • Skillfully prepare your project for acceleration through grants or fundraising.
  • Strategically choose the right infrastructure for your development journey.
  • Swiftly identify gaps in your team’s competencies and efficiently acquire them.
  • Cultivate an extensive professional network.

Fedor Erashev, Co-Founder & CEO of XFounders, explains:

“There is a scarcity of reliable, beneficial information for Web3 creators in the Russian-speaking realm, and this presents a significant challenge. Over the course of 8 months, we diligently gathered the knowledge and experience of experts to decipher the nuances of building crypto-startups in Web3. Our efforts culminated in the creation of XFounders, particularly its most impactful segment—XFounders Bootcamp—where founders can traverse a six-month development journey within a span of just 4 weeks.”

XFounders Bootcamp offers various participation options:

  • Attend in-person throughout the entire Bootcamp period, from September 1 to October 2.
  • Attend in-person during any week of the bootcamp.
  • Gain access to live streaming of the event.

Feel free to join XFounders Bootcamp in the manner that suits you best!

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