Fresh Data and Forecasts for the EdTech Market

Introduction:Recently, experts from Infinium published a report providing an overview of the current state of the EdTech market and offering their forecasts. The global educational technology market is currently estimated at around $112 billion and continues to grow at a rate of approximately 18.79% per year. It is expected that by 2030, its volume will almost quadruple, reaching $433.5 billion. Vladimir Chuvalov, the founder of the web3.0 agency Trigital, the Bookgital app creator shared insights on what is happening in this field and the prevailing market trends.

Infinium is not the only company studying the EdTech market. Research conducted by analysts from also indicates growth in this market sector, albeit at a slightly lower rate of 12.9% annually. According to their forecasts, the market’s volume will reach $188 billion by 2025 and $421 billion by 2032. Experts also note that the most successful companies in this area are currently registered in the United States and Europe.

  • “Our company is also involved in the EdTech sector, specifically in early childhood education. This sector is experiencing the most rapid growth. Applications and services focused on child development, such as our Bookgital, show the best results and are growing much faster than applications and services for adults,” says Vladimir Chuvalov.

As in any industry, the EdTech sector has current trends and innovations that many companies successfully incorporate. These trends are applicable to both children’s and adult education, considering the needs and engagement of students. One significant trend today is the implementation of adaptive learning. Developers actively seek to personalize the learning process, increase student engagement, and provide content that meets their needs, utilizing artificial intelligence.

  • “This trend not only makes applications and services more effective but also appeals to investors. Many investors, when evaluating startups in the EdTech sector, pay attention to the developers’ competence in the field of artificial intelligence,” comments Chuvalov.

Another notable trend is “peer-to-peer learning” or mutual learning. In this format, one or more students mutually teach other group participants. According to EdTech trend expert Patrick Brazers, this format makes knowledge more accessible and engaging for learners.

Global and Russian Market Perspectives:

These trends are applicable to both the global and Russian markets. In Russia, the EdTech market is also growing, although not as rapidly as on a global scale. The reason for this is the global sanctions against the country and the unstable economic situation. Despite all the difficulties, Russian businesses have adapted to the new reality and continue to develop and improve.

Recent studies show that the EdTech market is growing despite crises and challenges. According to analysts’ forecasts, it is considered very promising, including for investors, as it has the potential to generate very high returns. The growing popularity of learning services and applications clearly indicates that the forecasts of a fourfold increase in the EdTech market volume in the coming years have a good chance of coming true!

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