Telegram mini-app devs can now earn Toncoin with Adsgram

Adsgram, a new traffic monetization tool, is launching on the Telegram messenger to allow developers to earn Toncoin (TON) by advertising within their mini-applications.

The TON Community has officially introduced Adsgram, a new third-party platform on Telegram that enables developers to connect their mini-apps — or bots — to an advertising system and earn Toincoin TON by displaying ads.

The platform differs from the Telegram Ads platform, an official Telegram ad platform for channel owners launched in March.

On June 25, the TON Community announced that Adsgram offers a variety of ad formats, including 15-second video ads, static banners, and the upcoming feature of channel subscriptions.

Adsgram’s ad system supports basic ad payment models, such as the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and cost per mille, and tracks the click-through rate, conversions and fill rate.

TON mini-app devs can earn up to $16 CPM in Toncoin

According to a presentation shared on Adsgram’s official channel, the platform’s network already counted up to 8 million impressions per day as of May 2024.

At launch, the network features mini-apps like Gamee, Fonton Fantasy Football and others, with the majority of traffic coming from countries like Nigeria, Bangladesh, Germany and other countries.

Adsgram’s advertisers include “several tier-1 exchanges,” TON-based games and services, and gambling from TON and not from TON, the presentation says. With Adsgram, developers are offered CPMs from 0.5 TON ($3.8) to 2 TON ($16), depending on the audience.

Homescapes Journey’s ad on Fonton Fantasy Football mini-app. Source: Adsgram

Adsgram to improve monetization in the GameFi sector on Telegram

According to Adsgram co-founder Vadim Sterlin, the new advertising platform aims to solve the problem of monetization in the game finance (GameFi) sector on Telegram and in the TON ecosystem.

“As a founder of a major game in the Telegram ecosystem — Fantongamebot — I faced a big challenge monetising our game,” Sterlin wrote on the Adsgram channel in February. By then, there was no way for publishers to earn money on advertising rather than direct ads sales, he noted.

An example of Adsgram’s advertising earning scheme. Source: Adsgram

The official launch of Adsgram comes a few months after the platform received a $50,000 grant from the TON Foundation to create its minimum viable product.

By early April, Adsgram launched its first ads through an alpha test with Sterlin-founded game Fanton Fantasy Football, or Fantongamebot.

Adsgram’s launch comes amid a massive surge in activity in the TON ecosystem, with the total value locked on various TON projects growing at least 4,500% so far in 2024.

TON’s native cryptocurrency, Toncoin, has also been hitting new highs over the past few months, peaking at $8.17 on June 14, according to CoinGecko data.

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