Technotec Digital Announced Ideasoft Group Acquisition.

This week, Technotec Digital (a subsidiary of the International Group of Companies TECHNOTEC), focusing on the development of information technologies, announced the completion of the acquisition transaction with Estonian company Ideasoft Group. Therefore, the management of Technotec Digital has significantly expanded the expertise and competence of the company in the field of blockchain technologies.

By the time of the transaction, the Ideasoft Group had accumulated a great experience of the ​​enterprise tokenization, decentralized solutions creation and cross-platform applications development. Using and developing this experience, Technotec Digital will be able to increase its competence in the introduction of new products based on decentralized ledger technology (DLT).

According to Ideasoft CEO Andrii Lazorenko, the agreement signed with Technotec Digital and the Ideasoft Group will allow companies to take a big step towards achieving strategic goals and achieve a qualitatively different level of companies’ development.

co-founder Yury Mochony IDEAsoft and co-founder TECHNOTEC Digital- Vadim Tverskov

The swallow up was a direct consequence of the concurrence of the strategic development goals and the mutual understanding, that gaining a leading position in the market is only possible while ensuring the synergy of the competitive advantages of both companies, Andrii Lazorenko said.

TECHNOTEC Digital co-founder Vadim Tverskov has also highly appreciated the prospects for acquisition, and noted, that joining efforts with the Ideasoft Group will allow Technotec Digital to make significant progress in further developing, studying and promoting the blockchain technology and other innovative solutions in the field of business digitalization.

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