LH-Crypto is looking for partners among traders, bloggers and analysts

Bitcoin exchange rate rose to above 11000 dollars – a record high in the last 13 months. Bitcoin returned to the level of December 2017 – from this point it soared to 20 thousand dollars and, of course, this movement provoked a new round of increasing interest in cryptocurrencies.

 The modern crypto-market offers two main tools: crypto-exchanges and crypto-brokers. In both cases you can buy or sell digital gold, but the services offered by the platforms are different. It is not so easy to make a profit trading on the crypto-exchange, in this case it is more convenient to use a crypto-broker.  Why? First of all, not all exchanges allow you to replenish your account in Fiat, so the scheme “registered-filled-trade” does not always work here.

 Secondly, the process of registration and withdrawal of money from the exchange is also not so simple. Thirdly – on the stock exchange, you can only use the amount that was brought to the account… Brokers in this regard are much friendlier.

 LH-Crypto platform offers a wide range of functions to its clients. It is a project originally created by the well-known broker Larson&Holz as a crypto broker. Lh-Crypto successfully completed the ICO at the end of 2017 – the most “boom” period of cryptocurrencies. It was possible to collect about 11 million dollars – this amount became the basis for the creation of a multifunctional platform designed specifically for working with cryptocurrencies.

 Today crypto broker is used by more than 10 million traders around the world. Many of them become not only professional traders, but also form a partnership with LH-Crypto and earn on attracting other clients to the trading platform.

 Why do they choose this project? It’s simple, here on one platform there are various tools, including crypto-currencies, Forex, metals, stocks… there is also a margin leverage, which allows you to make transactions with amounts 100 times higher than the balance of the trader’s account that allows you to receive increased profits. Most importantly – the broker allows you to make a profit regardless of the market movement (price rise or fall) by selling CFDs (contracts for difference).

 In order to support their clients, many brokers (including LH-Crypto) provide the client with analytical and other data that enable them to make informed decisions and make a profit even without being an expert.

Affiliate program

 A year after the launch of the platform, LH-Crypto launches an affiliate program for traders who want to develop together with the broker. It is implemented in two directions: online and offline.

 In the first case, it is the creation of a website, forum or group, in the second – the opening of a regional offline office. The essence is general– the broker shares with a partner its commission, offering from 40 to 70% with online partnership and up to 90% when opening an office.

 The principle of determining the size of the commission: the more funds are there and the more active customers are – the higher the income of the partner is.

 Commission amounts are credited to the Agency account, and payments are made from it on a monthly basis.

 As a result of cooperation with the broker, the client develops a multi-financial broker, receives their own unique CRM, a detailed partner’s office with all statistics, a full trading terminal based on MT4/MT5, a personal manager and qualified multilingual support 24/7. In addition, for the development of the partner service, marketing support from the broker is also expected.  All that is required from the client – start-up capital of $5000 and covering operating costs of $1000-5000 at an income of up to $ 50,000.

 The affiliate program is not the first LH-Crypto project aimed at developing a community of traders and crypto-enthusiasts. Last year, LH-Crypto launched the educational Youtube show “Crypto Clowns”, which became popular on both Russian and English Youtube. Their fun and bright videos become popular both among the newcomers of the market and professional traders.

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