New world through PRIZM of “Kremlin” political technologists

  The growing tension on the geopolitical map of the world directly affects the economy. The exacerbation of trade wars has led to growing discontent with the hegemony of the us dollar, which is increasingly becoming an instrument of blackmail and political bargaining. The most effective strategy for countering the fed and its satellites at the moment is seen in the gradual abandonment of the us dollar in mutual agreement between countries and in the increasingly widespread use of digital money, which is free from centralized control, but not all, only cryptocurrencies rid of the inherent “sores” of the first generation. In this sense, experts have high hopes for a new generation cryptocurrency “PRIZM”. In some countries, digital money is already seen as a real and more stable alternative to national currencies. It is believed that these projects are developing with the tacit approval and support of the Kremlin.

  In order to clearly see what success can be achieved in the sphere of the digital economy with the correct formulation of the question in the shortest possible time, it is enough to look at the example of Belarus, where after President Alexander Lukashenko legalized digital money with his decree in 2017, there was a real cryptocurrency boom. Moreover, it is not so much about ICO, but about large infrastructure projects that are vital for the normal independent existence of the digital economy. So, since 2017, two large cryptocurrency exchanges have opened in Belarus. In addition to the ambitious project of Said Gutseriev, investments in which according to the most conservative estimates amounted to 10 million dollars, the second large cryptoexchange “iExchange” began to work in the Republic, investments in which already amounted to about 3 million dollars, and the team has more than 100 specialists from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Canada and China. According to some experts, the emergence and development of “iExchange” is associated with the interest of structures close to “Sberbank” in the stable conduct of international transactions bypassing existing economic sanctions, including with countries and contractors which are added by the financial regulators to the black list of FATF.

  Simultaneously with the development of a parallel system of foreign economic mutual settlements, digital money is coming closer to getting the status of national currencies in those States where the state of local economies does not allow providing the traditional national currencies with the proper level of stability. The transition to decentralized currencies of the new generation will allow these countries on the one hand to get rid of the dominance of the us dollar in their own economies, on the other – once and for all to solve the problem of galloping inflation.

Change the world together!

  Ideas of getting rid of dollar slavery are rapidly gaining popularity around the world. There is an opinion that this is happening, in particular, thanks to the activity of political strategists ideologically close to the Kremlin. They and their organizations see their mission in the fight against the global financial system controlled by the us government, saving humanity from dollar slavery and popularizing cryptocurrencies as a real alternative to Fiat money.

  The main points of application of efforts are intensively developing countries from the economic point of view: India, South Africa, Indonesia, East Timor, as well as Ukraine.

  And it should be said that this activity has not gone unnoticed by the us financial authorities. Thus, as part of the next replenishment of the list of people and organizations whose activities are subject to economic sanctions, the us Treasury Department along with the Deputy Minister of economic development of Russia Sergey Nazarov called the Chairman of the Board of the international public movement “Change the World Together” (CWT) Alexey Muratov. According to him, this step on the part of the financial regulator is actually a recognition of merit, confirmation of the correctness of the chosen CWT rate.

Re-development of Africa

  Another close to the Kremlin political strategist, Andrei Kramar in 2018 contributed to the development of a multi-profile partnership between Russia and Madagascar. At one time, the USSR had a great political and economic weight in this island state, which, however, with the collapse of the Soviet Union was lost. Having lost the economic support of the “Big brother”, the socialist government of the island could not keep the situation in the country under control, which de facto became bankrupt. Since then and until now, Madagascar has been one of the poorest countries in Africa, with huge reserves of valuable natural resources. Russian companies such as Gazprom, ALROSA, Rosneft and Rosgeologia have shown a substantial interest in the subsoil of the island. Russian Railways is interested in implementing major infrastructure projects with the government of Madagascar.

  Projects in the digital economy can take a special place in the structure of economic relations. Legalization and active use of cryptocurrencies for international settlements will help to cope with high inflation rates and optimize budget expenditures (at least in terms of reducing interventions on the currency market).

  A good ground for the development of mutually beneficial economic relations is the good memory of the decades of cooperation between the island state and the USSR, in which thousands of Malagasy people received higher education in the universities of the Union, many of whom currently hold responsible positions in the structures of public administration and manage large commercial organizations.

  Military-technical cooperation between Russia and Madagascar is also promising. A large share in the air force of the country and its land army is the equipment produced at Soviet enterprises. These helicopters, tanks and planes are still on combat duty, but they already need deep modernization, which the Russian industry can carry out.

Similarly, Russia’s relations with the Sudan, the Central African Republic and a number of other countries on the continent could develop in the near future.

Digital path to freedom

  Over the past few years, Pro-Kremlin political technologists have been working intensively in East Timor. Their activity is aimed at obtaining real independence by this state, which, according to CWT ideologist Alexei Muratov, should begin with the abandonment of the us dollar as the national currency.

  These ideas fell on fertile soil. The local population and national elites have long been dissatisfied with the situation when most of the profits from the exploitation of the subsoil of this island state goes to transnational corporations, while the Local Treasury receives only crumbs in the form of modest tax deductions. De facto, East Timor is now the raw material appendage of the Western world. 

  The appendage is rich, having promising from the point of view of the development of gold deposits, platinum and offshore oil. 

  The abandonment of the us dollar and the transition to cryptocurrencies in foreign economic activity is the first serious step towards obtaining a real national independence, which will allow this former Portuguese colony to dispose of the natural resources of the island in the interests of its country and its own population.


Cryptocurrency recognition

  “Change the World Together” movement holds events in different parts of the world: 

  The use of blockchain technology in the economy makes it possible to remove from the agenda a list of acute problems that are currently relevant for dozens of countries and state entities. First of all, we are talking about countries and republics that are completely or partially unrecognized by the world community and for this reason do not have the ability to conduct full-fledged international economic activity. The hostages of this situation are hundreds of millions of people around the world, affected by a huge number of rights, including freedom of movement. The countries and regions themselves, even fully self-sufficient, are deprived of normal development due to economic sanctions and lack of access to international markets.

  The digital economy and cryptocurrencies open a wide door to a new world for these countries. The development of digital technologies and the transition from the status of unrecognized to decentralized blockchain States gives the territories a chance for successful intensive socio-economic development without changing the current legal status, which is very important, because the process of official recognition by the world community can take years, if at all possible.

  On the territory of the former Soviet Union, there are several state entities that have not yet received wide international recognition.

  But the most acute issue with the implementation of international financial activities is in the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics.

  The basis for the breakthrough of the economic blockade, a ram designed to crush the citadel of the hegemony of the us dollar, should be a new generation cryptocurrency “PRIZM”. It is a fully decentralized and self-regulating electronic currency, which is technically much more advanced than bitcoin. Its premining requires low computation time, and the blockchain ensures increased safety of operations, high download speed and a number of other extraordinary benefits. But, perhaps most importantly for the cryptocurrency that claims to be widely used, “PRIZM” at the “subatomic” level is free from the threat of reverse centralization, from which bitcoin and all its forks suffer today without exception.

  More information about the ideology of the movement “Change the World Together” (CWT) and cryptocurrency “PRIZM” can be found here.

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