Win $100 for participating in a short survey about women in crypto

Complete the survey ‘Bitcoin in stilettos’ and help improve women’s standing in the crypto industry 

While men still account for over 85% of the Bitcoin audience, the share of women is surging. It’s time to break the stereotype about crypto as a male-dominated business – and you can help by completing a short survey. One of the participants will even get a $100 prize from the organizer, BDC Consulting.

The number of women who trade crypto has risen by x7 in 2021

We are used to thinking that the crypto industry is dominated by men – and indeed, according to Google Analytics, males constitute 85.7% of the Bitcoin community. 

Some explain this disparity by saying that crypto is risky and women are averse to risk; others even think that it’s hard for women to understand such a complex technology as blockchain. 

Of course, these are nothing by stereotype, and the situation is quickly changing. A study by Grayscale shows that 43% of the investors interested in Bitcoin are women. And Robinhood recently revealed that the number of women trading on Robinhood Crypto has grown by a factor of 7 In 2021.

There are also quite a few women CEOs and C-level executives. Examples include Catherine Coley, CEO of Binance US; Elizabeth Stark, CEO of Lightning Labs; Alyona Afanasyeva, co-founder and CEO of BeInCrypto; and Maria Stankevich, Business Development Director at EXMO. 

Building a career in crypto as a woman: where to start?

Is crypto a good career option for women? It definitely is. During a recent video stream organized by the YouTube channel S3XYBTC and BDC Consulting, three Russian-speaking female executives stressed that crypto startups are eager to hire women, partly because they are seen as more practical, loyal, and quick to adapt than men. 

The demand is highest for marketers, PR and SMM specialists. There are also many paths open to women who wish to work from home, including community management, content creation, translation, and design. 

Complete a 3-minute survey on women in crypto and win $100

To help promote gender equality in the fintech market, BDC Consulting has launched the first large-scale study on the subject, called ‘Bitcoin in stilettos’. Among its goals are debunking the stereotypes on how female investors and traders make decisions and showing crypto businesses and the media how to attract their attention.

You are invited to join the study and make your own positive impact on the position of women in the crypto industry.   All you have to do is complete a short anonymous survey. It consists of only a few questions and won’t take more than three minutes of your time. One randomly selected participant will be awarded $100.

Start the survey

The results of the survey will likely be covered by the leading crypto media and can help to direct the debate on women in crypto in a new, more productive direction. The organizers expect that businesses will finally come to see women as an important target audience and switch to more inclusive marketing communications.

About the organizer

BDC Consulting specializes in digital marketing and research in the blockchain and fintech industries. To learn more about the company, visit the official website. 

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