Top 8 Features Of Coinolix CryptoCurrency Exchange

Coinolix is a pure cryptocurrency exchange that allows trading in different top digital currencies. The thing that stands Coinolix apart from other crypto exchanges available in the global market is strong liquidity of digital coins in exchange for gold asset reserves. The Coinolix ICO (CLX) tokens will be put on sale in October 2018. Know more about other Coinolix ICO features and project are written down here.

Notable Features of Coinolix Exchange

Fast, Strong Trading Engine

With the capacity of around 1 million trade requests per second, Coinolix houses a strong and subtle trading engine that’s far competitive and better platform than others offering the crypto exchange in the market. Other than this, the Coinolix trading engine is capable of managing thousands of requests in no time.

Trading Markets Independent Platform

Coinolix offers business freedom with different trading markets. A host of popular trading markets includes spot marketing trading, margin trading, futures market trades and more. This feature facilitates exchange in any of the supported coins for different markets.

Exchange Aids to Popular Coins

Alongside being platform independent for different trading markets, Coinolix can also be used for exchange with a number of different leading coins, including ETH, BTC, XRP, DASH, NEO (ANS), LTC, USDC (USD pegged Coinolix coin) and CLX (Coinolix Coin).

All the mentioned coins here, have a great market presence, client base, liquidity and validity in the market. In the coming future, a number of new coins could be included in the exchange.

Platform Independent

Coinolix lets users trade in any of the supported coins with the facility of devices working on different platforms such as PCs (Windows, Linux and Mac), Android, iOS, browser and REST API. Colonix provides separate applications for all the mentioned platforms.

Multiple-language Support

It is one of the best features not being provided with other crypto exchanges available in the global market. With Coinolix, one can trade in the range of popular languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

Revenue from Multiple Sources

Coinolix does not rely on a single revenue source. It uses numerous way to generate volume not only for the platform but also for its users. The coin listing fee, withdrawal fee, margin fee, trading fee (0.2% per trade) are few from different others, which generate revenue for the source and strengthen coin at the same time.

Dedicated customer support

Unlike several exchange platforms, Coinolix is dedicated to supporting its customers not via a pre-designed user guide. but with a dedicated team of agents depending upon your queries. Aimed to convey quality service to its customers, Coinolix guides throughout the trading process with rules and regulations, handled by designated agents or staff members.


It is one of the most important features for any of the online trading platform. And, Coinolix exchange tends special attention over to provide a platform protected from any of the physical or virtual attack, hack or unauthorised access. The safety measures considered from Coinolix in order to safeguard not only the platform but also the user’s data includes DDoS protection, Encryption and backup, Exchange audit and two-factor authentication.

The pre-ICO of Coinolix is to commence from 8 October 2018. For further information or queries related to the platform, one can feel free to surf the website

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