Opening the Gateway for 101 Million Crypto Users

In 2020, the number of crypto users exceeded 101 million people, according to a study by the University of Cambrige. The growth in two years was 189%. The active increase in users, the interest of institutional investors and the attention of states to cryptocurrency has created a tectonic shift in the blockchain community. In the next 4 years, the volume of the cryptocurrency market will grow by 60%, according to Mordor Intelligence forecasts. However, the main problem of users is the inability to take advantage of digital assets.

MinePlex is developing a large-scale ecosystem that will include all services for accessing cryptocurrency: storage, spending, and earning. All portals and processing services are developed by the project’s own team and do not involve references to third parties or intermediaries. Thanks to this, MinePlex is confident in reliable and secure access of funds for its users.

The goal of MinePlex is to create a mobile crypto bank that will be designed for all cryptocurrency users. Its advantages are accessibility anywhere in the world without the need to visit offices and provide banking services on a mobile phone 24/7.

In January 2021, MinePlex is taking another step for the convenience of all users. The team launches its own Payment Gateway MinePlex. Thanks to this, payments will be flexible and secure. Without leaving your personal account, you can quickly buy MINE tokens for fiat. This will allow you to immediately take advantage of the opportunity to earn 20% per month on staking and open your own business structure with earnings of 12.5% per month. You can also instantly exchange your earned PLEX with automatic transfer of fiat to the card.

MinePlex Banking is ready to go to the next level. Join us!

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