ESP is a unique project designed to change the world for the better!

ESPcoin is an ecosystem designed for high-demand applications. This project is ready to revolutionize the existing landscape and bring radical improvement. Not without the help of our community, of course!

 But first, let’s discuss — what is ESPCoin? It’s a decentralized Ethereum-based project with an ERC-20 token: E$P coin. We leverage advanced technologies, and blockchain technology in particular, to make supply chains more transparent — and the world a better place.

What exactly are we talking about? Let’s see some examples:

E$P coin will be used in the education system. The token will be a means of payment for School services, supply chain payments, and student wallet funds – bringing cost reduction with payment processors and Forex fees for international students plus security and convenience to all.

Also E$P Token for the energy and solar Ecosystem. The token will be a DeFi initiative to help in residential and small commercial deployments that need better compliance and more access to lenders worldwide.

Payment system is the third application for the token. E$P token usage as a means of payment through the ECR network can ensure reduction of inflation pressure, improve price stability and reduce risks of unsound monetary policies by governments. It will also bring security to POS transactions, hence helping governments to monitor tax evasion.

Token Sale Start Date & Hour: July 15th 

Homepage URL: 

Whitepaper URL:  


Accepted Currencies: ETH

Project Founders and Advisor

  • Eric Loit. Managing director
  • Ralph Sickinger. Public markets advisor
  • Hrvoje Somun. Compliance & government
  • Trang Nguyễn. Education business advisor
  • Jochen Bezner. Solar ecosystem advisor
  • Daniel Szyller. Marketing advisor


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum

Token Standard: ERC-20

Total Tokens Supply: 500000000000

Coin Symbol: E$P

Initial Price for Investors: 0.000000025 ETH

Project Country: Ireland


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